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Tips To Prepare for your Photo / Video Session

Pre-Photo Session Preparation

  • Avoid wearing jewelry, glasses, or clothes that may leave marks on your skin.

  • Refrain from making big changes to your image in the week leading up to the session.

  • Avoid using products that could irritate your skin before the shoot.

Clothing Selection

  • Choose clothes that complement your skin tone, preferably solid colors.

  • For outdoor shoots, avoid blending into the background. Bright solid colors work well in beach or industrial settings.

  •  Avoid patterns and large logos unless they are part of the look you want to promote.

  •  Opt for reasonably fitted outfits and consider the activities you'll be doing during the session.

Outfit Tips

  • Bring multiple and diverse outfits for variety.

  • Layering can enhance your look, especially for headshots. 

  • If the shoot is outdoors and involves moving between locations, bring comfortable walking shoes.

Group Photos

  • When shooting with others, coordinate colors and styles to ensure a cohesive look.


Fit and Presentation

  •  Ensure your clothes fit well to flatter your figure.

  • Pay attention to underwear color and style to avoid showing through your outfits.

  •  Clean and iron your clothes, and remove pet hair if necessary, especially from darker outfits.

Traveling to the Shoot

  • Avoid wearing the outfit you plan to use for the shoot during your journey to the studio or location.


Nail Care

  •  Ensure your nails look neat and sharp if they will be visible in the photos.


Makeup Tips

  •  Consider using HD powder to reduce shine on your skin.

  •  Use primers tailored to your skin type to achieve the desired balance between dryness and shine.

  •  If you opt for professional makeup, communicate your desired look clearly with reference photos. For headshots and branding photos, it's crucial to maintain your usual appearance.

  •  Avoid excessive gloss on lipstick and highlights, as they can cause unwanted reflections in photos. Ensure your makeup is well blended for a natural look.


Communication with Your Photographer/Videographer

  • Clearly communicate your expectations and vision to your photographer or videographer. This will help them understand the style and results you are aiming for in the photos.

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