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Ready to elevate your image or business?

I specialize in creating stunning visuals for both individuals and businesses. Whether you need captivating headshots, impactful branding photos, lifestyle product photography or promotional videos.


Why a Professional Headshot is Your Secret Weapon for Success?

In today's digital world, first impressions often happen online. Your professional headshot is like a visual handshake, introducing you to potential employers, clients, and collaborators before you ever meet them. But it's not just about any photo – a professional headshot offers a wealth of benefits that can boost your image and career.


A decade of experience in the industry

Unleash Your Business Potential:
Branding & Promotional Videos

Together, branding and promotional videos are a winning combination. Branding establishes your identity and positions you as an expert, while promotional videos showcase your value proposition in a captivating way. Investing in both creates a powerful synergy that attracts your ideal clients, builds trust, and drives growth for your business.

Contact Information:
Phone: (323) 325.7241
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Ronald S.

Silvia was very easy to work with and it was clear that she takes a lot of pride in her work, making sure everything is set up properly to get the best photos. the photos she took for me turned out excellent and I enjoyed meeting and talking with Silvia while she worked. I look forward to using Silvia on future projects.


Looove Silvia! I’ve been using her services for going on six years now! She makes our pet products pop and look stunning with the nice lighting effect she adds. She has a very distinct skill. It’s not easy, shooting with pets, but she always captures the perfect shots! I always get excited to see her work after our shoot. She is always prepared and very quick to deliver. She is so friendly and amazing to work with. I highly highly recommend Silvia! She also guides you and encourages you during the photo shoots if you need it. She’s also doing videos now, which is very exciting! You must hire this talented lady!


Crystal W.

Silvia is super professional and works extremely fast! I absolutely love my photos. Seriously, look no further Silvia is it!!

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